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Författare Ämne:  how much land for two without animals?  (läst 815 gånger)


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how much land for two without animals?
« skrivet: 03 okt-19 kl 17:06 »

i have a dream thatin 5 years, id like to have saved enough up to be able to start growing 90% of my own food, Potatos, beans, squash, grains, berries and soft friut. among other things.  WITHOUT food ANIMALS.

Id like to have a small home, bathroom, kitchen, study, dining room, bedroom, guest room, and sauna, a well, and solarpanels with a large commercial windfarm on site to sell electric in winter (leasing land). bee keeping, and mushroom picking etc... a diverse approach.

how much land to use if growing food between uppsala and somewhere in skåne on the west coast possible? pref somewhere within a bus or a train or a bus train trip to a city.

and what crops to grow in rotation? how much land for 4 cords a year... i knownothing


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SV: how much land for two without animals?
« Svar #1 skrivet: 04 okt-19 kl 14:31 »
A nice dream! as long as you don't let it remains only as a dream! "I have a dream" is a famous quotation as you know from Martin Luther King and he one way or the other made it happen, wasn't it?

However this little statement is the one you should start with when it comes to your own dream  "...i knownothing"

Change it to "I know something" and to do that you also really should know something, in order to really know something about what your dream is all about start with this book "The fat of the land" by John Seymour.

Then come back to this forum only then you start to really understand what other members say about your dream. Otherwise you push them to a position which is more like explaining how the the colour green looks like to a blind person. I hope you don't get me wrong! and I wish you all the best with your dream and I hope one day you will make it happen! Cheers!


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