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no dig bed 4 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 03 jun-20 kl 18:00 67
I make heavy use of natural wool (bought from my neighboor and my cousin who used to farm).  It is a wonder material (slugs defense, rooting, shaddowing ...)
bed 3 june 3 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 03 jun-20 kl 18:00 61
batavia, beans courgette and pea, all in planned succession (batavia and pea are to be harvested in the coming weeks then  courgette and beans take over)
bed 2 june 3 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 03 jun-20 kl 17:59 63
I have to put sticks because this place is absolutely full of feral cats and they would use my bands as toilet  during the night and destroy everything if i do not use wood sticks and branches... Hunters used to cull those cats but there are no hunters left...
no dig bands june 3 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 03 jun-20 kl 18:00 59
Oscar vilar postad av Fikaoscar i Bilder på oss själva 31 maj-20 kl 17:51 70
Glöm inte att njuta av fina dagar😊
DSC00809 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 18 maj-20 kl 21:20 71
Another schooling on the west side with tree shaddow, perfect for cabbage and early lettuce. For large plant, I still use plastic and clay container.  For smaller plants, I use wooden crates. I cover the bottom of the tray with cardboard or wool (I bought wool in big bags from local farmer, i use it for everything), put compost and start the seeding in raws. Caveat: caterpillars can do a lot of damage and one as to water and check regularly.
DSC00810 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 18 maj-20 kl 21:13 70
I am trying to get rid of plastic (and bad paper). I started making wooden crates, but I still have to improve that. In the  meantime I use commercial crates that I get from the market (becomes harder every year, this is why i invest time in designing future boxes myself). I foud that one can use pure cellulose coffee filter (virgin cellulose garanteed in eko butik here) and shape them with the wooden tool i got in sweden. They degrade in a month but are good enough to shape a stable root system that can be separated with hands. Filters with plants and compost are placed in a  wooden crates that can be moved around.
DSC00811 postad av kervennic i Kervennic 18 maj-20 kl 21:13 71
PLant schooling 2020. I do not have a green house. As I do not want to use plastic, I am now building warm beds with glass windows, which takes time and will be ready next year. In The meantime I use my stove for germination and put them outside as soon as temperature in the sun is clearly over 20. It worked well this year again (70 tomatoes, same with pumpkins, zuchini and so on).
The water tank is not mine, there is a wall on the southern side that separate me from my neighbor, and this is the warmest place.

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i Insamling av vass av krokodil Jul 24, 2018
i Min runsten av vajnis Nov 25, 2017
i favvorummet <3 av Liljedalen Okt 30, 2017

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