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Författare Ämne:  Kan någon förklara dethär? (sen grodd) blomväxter  (läst 2647 gånger)


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Kan någon förklara dethär? (sen grodd) blomväxter
« skrivet: 30 jun-18 kl 20:59 »
Jag satte fröer för flera månader sedan, trodde att fröerna dött, men först nu har en del av dem grott och sedan skjutit fart med nästan explosivt tempo.
Främst är det gurk och bön/ärtväxter detta verkar gälla.

Jag har vattnat hyggligt noga och det har ju varit stekhett ute med massor av sol, detta gäller både inne och ute...

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Förenklar man någonting för mycket så blir det till slut helt obegripligt.


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SV: Kan någon förklara dethär? (sen grodd) blomväxter
« Svar #1 skrivet: 10 jul-18 kl 12:41 »
All of your information is very useful for us, and I've been looking for this information for a long time.


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SV: Kan någon förklara dethär? (sen grodd) blomväxter
« Svar #2 skrivet: 10 jul-18 kl 15:05 »
The best guesses i hawe so far is factors like:

1. The most common one, and probably the most important one in nordic climate:
For plants like peas, beans, clovers, and other species in those families who need symbiotis bacteras in their root system to bind nitrogen from te air, The temperature in the soil is extremly important, it generally must be around 12 centigree or higher for the symbiotic process to work properly, and without it, the plant will die, that's why lot of those species refuse to grow if the seed are to could.

2. A not so well known thing among hobbyists is that the genes in different lines of plats in the same species hawe a "built in clock" that are more or less coordinated to a specific climate zoon, this one are most important when it come to grow trees for timberproduction, but it also applies to gardentrees and other plants. So, for example a plant with genes for say the southern or middle part zones start and stop it's grow and resting seasons in wrong time if it grow in a northern zoone, that will damage the sprots and can sometime even kill the plant, if for example one years hawe extreme weather. So, we may think here, -if i take those specimens from the wery north and plant them in a warm and dry climate, i hawe those fine mountainbirchplants from the snowy north and they would be lovly on my spanish summerhousgarden, they must realy love the sun! Allright, indeed they will, at least for the last 6 months or so, but then the genes say that the winter is comming and they start to prepare, but other genes say that "there are still sunlight and the air is hot, it would be a waste of energy to start withdrw the clorophyll now" etc, the result of this will be that the plant so to speak need to sleep and hibernate, but it can newer fell to sleep this will build up stress ower time and starting to devour on it self ower time wich will kill the tree when it gone to far because it's not adapted to the extreme southern climate.

I suspect similar things also may declare under wich circumstances a seed will grow.

3. Wind and sun, a dry soil will produce smaller platns to save water, a windy site will make the stems shorter but stronger to withstand the physical strains from the wind without break or tear, but in a windprotected area it will try to reach as much of the sunlight as possible, that's also a general genatical thing most plants (trees included) hawe that will affect it's physical apearance.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Förenklar man någonting för mycket så blir det till slut helt obegripligt.


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