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Författare Ämne: Skåne Organic Farmer Looking for land to rent and/or Communal Living  (läst 329 gånger)

Sander Boskma

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Skåne Organic Farmer Looking for land to rent and/or Communal Living
« skrivet: 24 maj-20 kl 10:31 »

My name is Sander, Im a 33 year young organic farmer.

 I'm looking for some cultuvation land to rent. Hopefully somewhere near water and the beautiful forests of Sweden or Norway. Maybe with a Cabin or option to put up a tent or Caravan?

Have spend many years travelling around the world and also some time in Sweden. I'm origionally from Holland but Holland is not free enough for me.

I hope to find some farm land that I can rent and where I can live or maybe a community. I have lived on communes before and was always happy there.

I'm in Holland right now since two years and there are just to many rules here. The government does not really support organic farming and after two years I find its just to difficult to get anything done here.

I'm a optimistic happy person, I'm very practical and experienced and can do almost anything. Have spend 10 years training how to live self suffecient and how to live communnally and be friendly and social.

And I hope to find a beautiful Swedish girlfriend :).

Please contact me by email: Edwardgardener2018@gmail.com


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SV: Organic Farmer Looking for land to rent and/or Communal Living
« Svar #1 skrivet: 24 maj-20 kl 19:56 »
Hello Sander, May I ask why Sweden? I mean this region is not exactly the fat of the land if we see it in a global perspective or European perspective for that matter, and there are too many rules here too, actually the best and the hardest rules in entire world.

And if you happened to find any information anywhere about there is a better support system from Swedish government for small scale organic farming, I am afraid I have to enlighten you that is false information. There are different kinds of other benefits and beneficial taxation systems and things like that for taxpaying individuals and companies which active in environmental friendly manner in their everyday life and conduct of businesses than standard way, that is the only support anyone can get here by being echo friendly. But nothing wrong with that too because the whole concept of being echo friendly, when it was once started was giving back without accepting anything in return.

Nevertheless I am just curious to know why Sweden because I have begun to see me in other parts of the world in the near future so maybe your reply can give me second thoughts to appreciate more what I already have. But if your motivation to choose Sweden is too personal to share then you definitely don't need to answer. All the best!                   


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