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Författare Ämne:  Collective for life  (läst 653 gånger)


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Collective for life
« skrivet: 25 maj-19 kl 16:33 »
We are the Danish/English pensioner couple, looking for a place and people in Skåne or southern Småland.

Our dream is a place where we can spend the rest of our lives.  We are looking for a few others who also don’t want to live alone, to join us and put down roots.  You could be pensioners of any age, or anyone looking for a home for life.

We expect to buy a place with enough ground for a big kitchen garden and orchard, and maybe a few animals such as chickens and ducks or goats.  Also room for some tiny houses or villavagn, or a place with a guest house, a flat over an outbuilding, or buildings that can be made into living space.  The main house would be partly ours, partly shared space such as kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Our ideas of self sufficiency are to grow a lot of our own food, save energy by good insulation and maybe solar panels, and save water by using mulch toilets and recycling grey water.

We hope for people who can work the garden with us, look after each other’s pets when needed, and support each other in a good balance between privacy and communal living rather than spending the rest of their lives on their own.  If we can find the right area, we hope to make contact with other collectives and ekobyer for networking and support.

Financially, we see living with shared common expenses.  If we can’t find a place with a ready made guest house or flat, we will need someone who can afford to buy their own villavagn or tiny house.  We are trying to find a way to collective living that most people would be able to afford.

Hoping to hear from people who share this dream.


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