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Författare Ämne: Värmland Mark med hus i ruiner sökes  (läst 746 gånger)


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Värmland Mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« skrivet: 18 feb-17 kl 23:45 »
I apologise for writing in English but I can't speak swedish and I don't trust google translate.
I'm looking to buy land in Värmland, preferably in the area around Kil, Sunne, Torsby and Arvika but other places are okay. I'm looking for a few hectares, at least one, with a house/cabin on it that is in ruins and needs serious renovating. I don't care how ruined it is, it's good even if it is a pile of wood on foundations. Whether or not it has electricity, or plumbing is not a problem, and the distance to a town is not an issue either. Maybe you know of one in the area that the owner thinks he could never sell? I can't find a listing of this type on any website, but I know that there are plenty out there.
Thank you!


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SV: Mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #1 skrivet: 24 feb-17 kl 22:55 »

I might have something of interest.... We own a house 17 minutes from Kristinehamn. the adress is..
Nässundet Hyttängen Storfors.

The house was built in 1909 and is located alone with a 800 meters gravelroad from the big road.
Its 2 floors with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a large livingroom upstairs. about 100M2 livingarea.
Its a Three chamber sewer, wc, and water from own well. electricity but we have currently shut it off.

There is also a small barn with Concrete floor and walls but no roof.. Think they had a few goats there in the past. The yard-area is about 3500 Squares meters, but as long as the house has been there they used alot more land than that, the area around is farmers land.
So you might wonder why we dont live there?.. We bought it 2015, from a broker and paid for a inspection/survey and it seemed good so far. 3 weeks later we found a leak under the bathroom, wich had led to fungi under the bathroom, and some under one bedroom. We moved out into an apartment as told from the Insurance Company, so they could fix the house.

But they found a loop hole in the paper work so they backed out, cut of all Contact and left us out in the Cold. We tried to sue the survey Company, and while waiting for a trial date we decided to move on, my girlfriend was pregnant and we no longer had the energi, Money or time to fix the house.
Now the trial is over and they are not going to fix it either.. So now the house just stands there... it can be saved, but it´s alot of work. Our plan was  to take away the floors on the ground floor and locate how much the fungi has spread. and renovate it in a 10 years period.
Because we wanted to save it. Or maybe as a backup plan take down the whole house and start over with the building materials that is fine.

We bought it because we wanted to be more self-sufficient. work less and live more. The Place is really Beautiful. *But it became a sad Place for us with 1,5 years of fighting with bureaucracy and companies who don´t take responsability.
On top of all we had a new born Child. That was a long story made short.

What is your plan? what did you have in mind? If this is of interest for you we are open to suggestions.

Mikael och Lotta
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SV: Mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #2 skrivet: 03 mar-17 kl 19:35 »
Sorry, this is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a plot that is legally defined as a redisential property so that I may build an Attefallshus and live in that. Your place doesn't have the amount of land that I would like either. I wish you luck in finding the right person for the house!
Best Wishes


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