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Författare Ämne:  Uppland - Collective, sustainable and equitable place near Uppsala  (läst 718 gånger)


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Hi everyone,
We are a couple arriving in Uppsala with a friendly malamute dog and looking for a place to set down for several years to live in community in a sustainable and equitable way, close to Uppsala.

We would like to find / create a multi-horizons alive atmosphere where every housemate can be himself in the respect of eachother and where we share the every day life and tasks. Our special wish is to have a veggie garden to do some permaculture and grow aromatic plants and to be close to the forest and lakes. Antonin plans to install some bee-hives and we also would like to built a yurt and a sauna in the garden if the space allows it. (the solution could also be to built a yurt in your garden if you have a collective house but not enough space inside for us ;) )

Actually, we both are nature lovers and passionate by discovering new experiences. We are concerned by ecology and are militant for defending nature and for more social justice.
Our travels and the time we spend in previous community houses made us realise that we don't want to live in a place without sharing it with other people because diversity is the most important thing for us. We also love hiking, climbing, slacklining, clowning etc. and folk, dub, reggae, psychedelic music festivals. So we would love to organise some plans with our future housemates if it is of interest.

Also, for the information we are arriving from France and coming to Uppsala because Antonin is starting a PhD in climatology at Uppsala University. I will personally look for a job in resilience research or education and probably take some courses at the university of Uppsala or Stockholm, that's why a place close to a train station could be great.

We hope to hear from you soon even if you don't know any place but know other groups near Uppsala that we could meet to talk with them about the creation/integration of a collective.

You can email us at verletbanide.antonin@gmail.com

PS : we have started learning swedish, so we might be able to speak it in several months :)


Patent Ecodoor

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Hello  , are you intersested in some meeting,
i did send you a email... but no answer from you!


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