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Författare Ämne:  8 Week Farm Scale & Professional Permaculture Internship May- Jul 2015  (läst 673 gånger)


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This 8 Week Certificate training is a unique fast track program designed to support more  people into farming/ land based regenerative enterprises and professional design.  We have specifically tailored this practical training from our experience designing and installing systems in various parts of the world, and includes what we see is necessary for those wanting to really explore what lies beyond sustainability.  Program includes;

• 90hr+ PRI (Aus) & PC Assoc (UK) certified PDC
• Introduction to Holistic Management (Savory Institute Certified) &  integrated Animal Systems
• Keyline Design & Water Management
• Agroforestry & Perennial Cropping
• Annual vegetable production & Regenerating Soils

Full details here, currently only 2 spots left available;

Our primary educational objective is to specifically empower more people into farming & land based regenerative enterprises as well as supporting more designers to step up professionally tooled up with the right skills and attitude. This Internship is most suited for;

• Small holders & Farmers or future farmers
• Project Initiators
• Design professionals & pre- professionals
• People wanting to experience what it takes to run a farm or project
• People who’ve taken short courses and want to know how to actually DO IT!



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This training is FULL.  We are offering another 8 Week Internship in August.  We are also proud to announce a highly subsidized spots on our Autumn trainings at the farm to support those with drive & dedication but lacking fiscal resources.
-1 spot on a top notch PDC for $240
-1 spot on our pioneering 8 Week Farm Scale & Professional Permaculture Internship for $1100
Open to all until Mar 25th, please read carefully if you are interested in the opportunity...
Details here;


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