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Författare Ämne:  Adventure and eco living in the carphatians  (läst 681 gånger)

Chris Taiga

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Adventure and eco living in the carphatians
« skrivet: 21 apr-15 kl 15:36 »
Me and my wife are planning to move to the carphatian mountains in Romania

We will produce our own food in a balance of vegetables, animals, fishing and small game hunting
That is something we are adapting to right now, in Sweden.

Why romania?
Adventure offcourse!
I want to start a very small eco tourism business over there and to live in the exotic wilderness that the country provides
Romania is called the yellowstone of europe, and provides over 15% of europes wolves.
Something I want to specialize my tiny business to. Together with mountain guiding and river guiding in the danube delta.

Also the country breaths sustainable eco farming and the peasants working the farms do so as they always been
The climate is great for growing and the soil is very rich
I have been working with farm animals for over 20 years.

I will only write short here, I can explain much more thoroughly via e-mail

Shortly, me and my wife are looking for a couple that are Also interested in wildlife, adventure, eco farming and share the same mind.
I believe that to really be happy and have meaningful tasks, we need to clear our councious and live in accord to our habitat. Learn from animals and embrace the paradise that we live in!
Find the balance that makes us truly feel alive and happy!

We wont move there until 2017 so we want to reach out a hand and hopefully find some people that we can become good friends with and move there together

We dont want to start a big collective
We tried that allready and it is much easier to start and Maintain a good cooperation with fewer people with steady relationships and commitment

Please write to my e-mail adress if you want to Know more


Do you people Know any other good forums for these kind of ideas?



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