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Författare Ämne: Skåne Seeking people for long term collective in Southern Sweden  (läst 2278 gånger)


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Skåne Seeking people for long term collective in Southern Sweden
« skrivet: 03 dec-14 kl 19:26 »
Who are we?
We are an English-Danish couple, 63 and 64.  We have been living in England for 8 years, but want to move to Sweden and find a place to put down roots and see things grow.  Anthony has worked on farms and built his own smallholding, can work with horses and farm animals and make things in metal; he has a business making and selling historical jewellery (www.runesmith.co.uk) which has been making money successfully in Denmark and Sweden.  Linda is a former nursery school teacher and literature graduate now on an invalidity pension, interested in gardening.  We both have experience of living in close sharing groups and want to live the rest of our lives in a collective.

Who do we want?
People to help us start a country collective in Southern Sweden.  Age, sex, religion and politics are not as important as being able to get on with others, work together and solve problems without heat, and who respect other people, and nature. We are looking for people who, all going well,  will want to stay for life, though some passing through would be OK to help us get started.  We are aiming for a group of 6-8 people altogether.

We do not now have enough money for a place big enough for a collective (we used to, but house prices have dropped in the UK and risen in Sweden,) so some of you will have to be able to put up a share (with proper legal structures so your money is still yours.)  People with no money for the house are also welcome, but everyone would need to have some kind of income you can live on, either a business you can carry on, royalties from books, a pension or whatever.  Sharing and farming can reduce your expenses, but, as we know, not to zero.

We need to move next year, for Linda's health and because the UK economy could go down any time, so we are looking for people with that kind of time frame.

What do we want?
We imagine a place where people have their own private space, not just a bedroom but a few rooms of their own, plus shared spaces for rest, play and work. We wish for enough land to grow food, at least a good big garden but more would be nice.

We need to be in nature, a good long way from the polluted air of towns and motorways.  We want to raise our own food as much as possible, for health and economy, and because we want animals around us; we can negotiate whether it is OK to keep them for meat, or just for milk and eggs.  We need someone who is good at gardening – both of us can do the work but someone who knows more would be a real plus.

Everyone would put in money for shared costs – house, energy, taxes, maybe food – but have their own money as well.  We would like to share meals if possible.  We are almost vegetarian, could go altogether veggie if need be, but we can also get along with meat eaters if they are strict about how it was raised.  We must have at least one car for Anthony's business, it could be shared if it was agreed that the business has first call on it.  We have family who would want to visit, so we would like to plan it so everyone can have visitors for overnight, for holidays etc.

Please write to us at kail@runesmith.co.uk  or call on +44 1484 842971.  If you have a (landline) phone number we can call, please let us know, we have a free phone call deal so we can talk for as long as you like whatever country you are in.
Anthony Hilbert


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SV: Seeking people for long term collective in Southern Sweden
« Svar #1 skrivet: 17 jan-18 kl 08:13 »
Hälsningar från Skåne, hoppas det går bra.
Greetings from southern Sweden, I hope it is all right.
Esa Lapila   esalapilaengelh@gmail.com


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SV: Seeking people for long term collective in Southern Sweden
« Svar #2 skrivet: 07 feb-18 kl 21:38 »
My name is Linda and I have lived in England for 16 years and my husband is Danish and he is wood crafter, smith, gardener and a teacher in wood work. I Have my own company in healing and coaching. We have six children aged between 2 and 18 but only four live with us. We are dreaming of a place out in the countryside near the sea. We are looking to start completely over in a new area of sweden and we love the energy and the friendliness  in Skåne.  Have you already found the missing Family members ?

All my love Linda and Calle 😄


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SV: Seeking people for long term collective in Southern Sweden
« Svar #3 skrivet: 10 jun-18 kl 21:09 »
Jag har skickat meddelande till Er e-postlåda. Message sent to You lately.


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