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Författare Ämne: Värmland mark med hus i ruiner sökes  (läst 1961 gånger)


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Värmland mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« skrivet: 18 feb-17 kl 23:40 »
I apologise for writing in English but I can't speak swedish and I don't trust google translate.
I'm looking to buy land in Värmland, preferably in the area around kil, sunne, torsby and arvika but other places are okay. I'm looking for a few hectares, at least one, with a house/cabin on it that is in ruins and needs serious renovating. I don't care how ruined it is, it's good even if it is a pile of wood on foundations. Whether or not it has electricity, or plumbing is not a problem, and the distance to a town is not an issue either. Maybe you know of one in the area that the owner thinks he could never sell? I can't find a listing of this type on any website, but I know that there are plenty out there.
Thank you!


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SV: mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #1 skrivet: 19 feb-17 kl 11:44 »
Contact Skogsmäklarna in Ekshärad. They may help you.
Good luck


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SV: mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #2 skrivet: 09 jul-17 kl 12:05 »

We have some land far of but not too far from Sunne, and we are interested in inviting people to live with us. We have two buildings that quite easy can become a nice home. You are welcome to visit us. If you want to own your land it could be possible here with us if we like each other for at least one year...


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SV: mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #3 skrivet: 19 jul-17 kl 23:49 »
I've been looking for a similar thing for a long time now. It seems difficult to find these abandoned places. A lot of nice places are bought up by the big forest companies, but they are very hesitant to sell, or even respond at messages for that matter. Also it can become quite expensive to separate these plots from the larger ones. It's a pity considering how many good abandoned places there are out there.

Arne på Laulumäki

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SV: mark med hus i ruiner sökes
« Svar #4 skrivet: 06 apr-18 kl 03:41 »

Sorry I'm a bit late to the discussion.
My girlfriend and I searched for about 18 months, visiting all the ruins and abandoned houses in a specific area in western Torsby and northern Sunne. Now we're the proud owners of our beautiful half-ruin. It can be done!
I know a few places that might be for sale.
Send me a private message if you want some advice!
Also, contacting Skogsmäklarna is a good idea. They know the market!

Good luck!


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