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Författare Ämne:  Organic Farmer Looking for Communal Living  (läst 193 gånger)

Sander Boskma

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Organic Farmer Looking for Communal Living
« skrivet: 24 maj-20 kl 10:43 »

I'm a man, 33 years young origionally from Holland. Ive spend many years travelling aroud the world, including Sweden and lived for a while in Norway. Right now im in Holland, but there is just to many rules and not enough space here. Its impossible for me to what I want.

I hope to find somewhere in Sweden/Norway where I can live and grow vegetables, this is my passion and something I enjoy very much. I'm a organic vegetable farmer professionally.

I have lived on community's before and this was always something I have enjoyed. Also when I was younger doing backpacking and volunteering.

Have spend maybe 10 years learning how to be self suffecient and now I can do everything. I developed a method where one person can grow enough food for 100 other people and support a small village with the labor of one person. Or more people do less work and have the same effect.

I also developed a method to make gas and electricity from water or snow. Which might come in handy. This has the same use as natural gas.

I'm single and not really attached now where I am.

I hope to find somewhere to live where I can build a cabin or set up my tent for now. Or maybe live in a caravan.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or are interested?

Contact me on: Edwardgardener2018@gmail.com



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