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Författare Ämne: Småland Intentional Sharehousing - Off-Grid Farm finnes  (läst 494 gånger)


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Småland Intentional Sharehousing - Off-Grid Farm finnes
« skrivet: 18 jul-19 kl 09:42 »
Hej and welcome to Project Björkelund!

I am looking for people who want to join me and live out in the forest where I am building up my place into a hopefully soon food producing permaculture farm.

It is a simple little place in the forest near Landsbro (Vetlanda kommun) with a multi bedroom house, a barn, a workshop and a productive plot of land where i live with my dog.

The House can accommodate roughly 3-5 people at a time if we stack `em well. There is no electricity yet and no running water. There is a brunn for drinking water and a lake in walking distance. The next door neighbours are 2 km away. A small shop is 12 km and proper shopping 25 km away in Vetlanda. School buses go to town very unreliably every now and then.

No rent or work hours are demanded for you to move in but some kind of participation in whatever way, shape or form would be welcome. Food will be offered as soon as the farm is producing any.

My further plans include: cultivating gardens, planting trees, start keeping chickens, goats and pigs, building waterrention systems, building some kind of jordkällare and possibly an earthship.

Feel free to join short or long term even for just a few days if you like.

Please ask questions if there are any since I always forget to include a ton of information that might be important to certain people.
For direct communication and arrangements please write an email.

Some pictures from Björkelund: https://www.alternativ.nu/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=674

See ya soon, hopefully.
All the best


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