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Författare Ämne: Småland Offering free sharehousing short term - kollektiv interested  (läst 143 gånger)


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Småland Offering free sharehousing short term - kollektiv interested
« skrivet: 09 jul-19 kl 16:49 »
Hi Alternatives,

I would like to offer my place as a location for like minded people to come together and while sharing a home for a while, discussing and developing ideas for an intentional communal lifestyle.

I don`t have a firm grip yet on how to bring this to life but i have been thinking for long enough about the concept of a productive ecological collective that enables every participant to engage in what he or she truly loves to do.

So, the next step for me is to actually meet and talk to some people who have similar aspirations.

This offer is free of charge and is open for roughly the time between mid August and December. I won`t demand any payment for rent or any work in exchange.

I have a simple little place in the forest near Landsbro (Vetlanda kommun) with a multi bedroom house, a barn, a workshop and a productive plot of land where i live with my dog.
I have started to implement permacultural designs and gardening but there is a lot more potential for food production of various kinds. Eco housing and keeping animals are planned for the near future.

The living conditions are very simple:
- no running water / drinking water from a well / swimming in the lake
- no electricity
- food shopping 12 km away
- other shopping 25 km away

I will be happy to answer any further questions in the comments.
For more specific communication regarding visits, please contact me via email.

All the best



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