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Författare Ämne: Skåne Do you want to be part of our countryside-collective outside Lund?  (läst 1164 gånger)


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Hej!Do you want to be part of our Knastorp-collective?

We are 9 people living in Knästorp a bit outside of Lund among yellow canola fields, appletrees and a bunch of sheep. The house is divided into two collectives. 6 people in one and 3 and a baby in the other. We have separate households but share the garden, have big common dinners and hang out between the collectives. We are looking for one person to join the bigger collective from the mid of January and onwards.

We have a relatively big garden and a greenhouse where we are growing a lot of different things. We who live here enjoy garden work, usually share meals in the evening, eat vegan and hang out together. It would be nice if you enjoyed gardening, collective living and were interested in staying for a longer period. Biking to Lund from here takes 15-20 min (bus around 15 min) so it's ideal for someone who wants to be within biking distance of the city but still live in the countryside. The bus stop is close to the house and you can get to Malmö from here in around 40 mins.
We, the ones living in the bigger household, are Oskar 34 yrs, Freja 29 yrs, Odd 27 yrs, George 26 yrs and Marlis 26 yrs. Oskar enjoys reading, cooking, playing board games and nature. Odd enjoy’s cooking, bouldering, reading, drawing and plants. Freja likes to be out in nature and hiking, reading books, drawing and enjoys improvisation and drama. George enjoys the outdoors, going on adventures, making music, playing chess. Marlis enjoys acrobatics, cooking, gardening, being outside and making things herself. We will of course tell you more about the collective and about us if you are interested.

More info:
- Move-in period is the mid of January - first of Feb.
- We share one bathroom, a big kitchen, a living room and the garden.
- The rent is 2,833kr/month
- Deposit is one month's rent.
- On top of the rent there is an additional monthly cost for internet (63 kr).

Write an email to norrman.freja@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to live in a countryside-collective.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Odd, Freja, George, Marlis & Oskar


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Letar ni fortfarande efter någon till ert kollektiv?
Jag är 41 år, vegan, ensamstående med hund.


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Letar ni fortfarande efter inneboende?
Jag och min son är i stort sett hemlösa.
Han börjar skolan 19/8 o jag har ingen framtid att erbjuda honom.

Med vänlig hälsning, Elin

Jennifer Racz

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hey! is there a free spce at your collectiv still? it sounds lovely and just what we are looking for!! please wrie me even though you cant offer me a room. just so i know :)


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