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Författare Ämne:  Family farm or estate wanting new ideas and some practical help  (läst 527 gånger)

Lucy Rist

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I am looking for a new experience in life and a new home. I am selling my cabin up in the mountains and moving south but just now I have no fixed plan only a few ideas. I am looking for a family running a farm or estate that might benefit from having someone around to help out now and then and who have either space in their large house or perhaps a cottage somewhere on their property. I am very good with animals both large and small - I grew up around horses, sheep, dogs, geese, ducks and hens etc. I am also a social entrepreneur working right now with sport/education/leadership but I also have a lot of experience in environmental issues and sustainability so perhaps a family with thoughts of a new branch to their business. I would be very keen to grow or raise some of my own food if time and space was available.

It’s important for me to live close to nature, but to still have the opportunity to travel to Stockholm for several consecutive days each month for my work. I also make occasional longer trips to see friends and family abroad, as well as have friends to come and visit me. I want to live with, or connected to others as I really enjoy being part of other people’s lives and helping each other when needed. I also prioritize my own space and freedom as I have a demanding job that I really love. My work gives me a lot of flexibility, hence the chance to move wherever I want within Sweden. I am an uncomplicated person, open-minded and good at communicating and listening.

I am originally from the UK. I understand Swedish really well and speak Swedish often but writing something like this is still a challenge so for this post I choose to stick to English. If you are interested to find out more about me and what I am looking for then please get in touch, or perhaps you know someone with a farm or estate who might be curious about my idea, in which case please let them know about me.



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