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Författare Ämne:  Off-the-grid Photo Essay - Searching for Participants in Sweden :)  (läst 535 gånger)

Hi all,

My name is Jennifer and I am a photojournalism student currently studying in Aarhus, Denmark. I am embarking on a photo essay for a class magazine publication and am searching for stories and participants (individuals, collectives, or groups of people living together off the grid).

In short, the assignment is to find a story depicting the “human condition”. Each student (in my class of 10) is taking a unique approach to the assignment. I was initially drawn to the idea of focusing on someone (or a group of people) who lives closer to nature, closer to our origins, closer to what it means to “be human” in the fast-paced world of technology, escapism, and superficial connections we live in today.

I will be shooting with 35mm film as well as with a DSLR and would ideally spend several days with - being a fly on the wall, observing, and of course getting to know - the person (or group) through interviews and conversations, as I will be submitting a full-length text story to accompany the images. I’m quite low-maintenance and would do my best to avoid getting in the way or being a distraction. My aim is to simply observe and capture any and all meaningful moments, emotion, and interactions I witness.

I found one example of a photo essay that could be used as a point of reference ( as far as the mood/aesthetic goes.

Some of my work can be found online at:

If you, or anyone else you know, might be interested in helping me out, I am currently in Copenhagen waiting for the green light. I will pack my own food and sleeping bag and can come anywhere in Sweden, preferably in the South.

Thank you :)


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