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Författare Ämne:  Looking for collective, Eco Village or place to rent land for farming.  (läst 519 gånger)


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My name is Sander,The Amazing Gardener I'm 29 years old and I've been travelling since November 2011 and started looking for an alternative places and ways to live. Like a commune or a Tipi village, in a place where people live in harmony with mother nature and appreciate each others company.

I would like to grow a small scale Market Garden somewhere in Europe and are currently looking for access to land. I don't have any big money and are interested to find people that want to do Land Sharing or who can offer me a small land lease in exchange for a weekly vegetables :). I'm looking for 0.5 to 2 acres and access to water.

Want to grow small scale vegetables and use nature friendly zero till organic farming methods to produce healthy nutrient rich vegetables that are grown for taste and quality and introduce healthy microbiology to the soil and increase biodiversity.

I am really eager to put all my ideas to the test of what I have learned over the last couple of years.

I'm currently in Sweden where I'm spotting for land here and decided that Its probably good idea  to start a farm there. I hope to find generous and kind people with a sense of honour, dignity, and a sense of morals who are willing to share land with me, no unstable people please/no demons.

I have some funds available and are also able to rent land. I'm looking maximum of one hectare with access to water and would welcome any type of building. This could work as a rent agreement

I'm a young healthy man, wanting to live a happy healthy live as farmer and doing deep organic homesteading, and hopefully start a family. I hope to find somewhere where its possible to have accommodation or to maybe built my own cabin or Yurt. I'm ready to invest a lot of time into a place to make it beautiful and think that is what it means to farm is to create something beautiful. I'm somewhat cautious against people who are energy vampires/exploitative. I think this I park of our society at the moment that is currently operating without a set of morals or real filter for moral behaviour. I believe in the mother goddess tradition which means that I believe that mother Earth is a living force and that (some) woman are suppose to be the translator for this force. And that to be a goddess means to be a good mother and care for your children and teach them the difference between right and how to live in harmony on the earth. I hope to make myself ready for the return of this tradition on planet earth by living as an artisan growing my own food and to be able to serve. Finding a identity by giving and taking from nature and making sure I', leaving it better then I found it by adding beneficial microorganism to the soil and planting beneficial plants, bushes and trees. Sort of recreating the food forest that once was on the earth when people lived as gatherer gardeners :).

I might be open to people who want to start a co-op or shared CSA, living on a Ekoville (something I have done before, that is where my small garden video is from and worked very well there) or a commune. I feel that the only way for me to be happy is to be a productive human being, and for me that seems to relate a lot to being a organic farmer, living with positive people doing gardening and working with nature. As a part time job I worked a lot as a landscaper, also know as 'Sander, The Amazing Gardener, I have lots of good references available, a police check and also have some experience doing light construction work (cabin, chicken coop ect).

The perfect place: Would have access to water, rural/hour(s) away from the big city's. ½ to 2 acres (ideally start with one hectare). Good sunlight exposure on the growing area, south facing slope or flat. Soil suited for vegetable growing (although all types of soil can be converted to vegetable growing with the right technique). I should be allowed to landscape somewhat into raised beds and to build small infrastructure such as a washing station, tool shed and a place for storage of vegetables, it would be great of all/some of these things would already be present! Surrounded by trees and nature. A place to pitch a tent/build a wooden Yurt or cabin/outhouse. Close to a swimming lake or the ocean. A nice alternative community where people sort of get that the nature is the way to go and ultimately: the only way.

I'm open to any and all offers and are very interested to hear from you:

My long term goal is to make enough money trough farming, set up a permanent system and retire :). I want to live a positive, stable and balanced life in harmony with nature in a place where people appreciate each others company :). And get a identity as a person by giving and taking from nature.

Please contact me on sanda2k2@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

Below is a video of me in my garden in Australia and some things that inspire me.

The Man Who planted Tree's

Me in my garden in Australia:

The Green Beautiful:

I hope to live with friendly people and to make some friends here in Sweden :). I would be willing to rent land somewhere also. If you are interested please contact me.



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