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Författare Ämne:  PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE at Ridgedale (Värmland) 9- 23RD MAY 2015  (läst 695 gånger)


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Say you wanted to study Permaculture or Regenerative design and you really wanted to understand how to design your own farm or project; they'd be all these books you should read, maybe some films on the internet, or maybe you download information from the internet, and all that may avail no action. All that could avail is a basic understanding of principles & elements of design, in a way similar to an artist's palette. You could have all the colors and brushes but unless you know how to paint you're going to end up with a big mess. That's where we got to in today's society, a big mess.

Join Richard Perkins, one of Europes foremost Permaculture & Keyline Designers along with other leading global experts (Ben Falk, Albert Bates, Eric Toensmeier) for this top notch PDC, certified by PRI (Aus) & PC Assoc (UK) at the awesome Ridgedale Permaculture

"Permaculture consciously and intelligently integrates regenerative agricultural ecosystems with socially just environments to produce fulfilling, stable and ethically sound livelihoods through whole systems management.  Reflecting natural patterns, flows and relationships, permaculture design functionally interconnects diverse elements in highly cooperative and mutually beneficial arrangements that display robust energy efficiency and abundance of yield.  The ethic of reinvesting surplus into natural and social forms of capital promotes care of all beings and the planetary systems."   Richard Perkins

Full info here;

A PDC is a potent learning experience; we recommend you carefully examine course schedules and relevant field experience.  Info pack with full course syllabus can be found here;

Our courses are accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia (PRI Registered Teacher No. 24) and the Permaculture Association UK.  This ensures you are you being trained by a personally vetted field trained professional, actively engaged in design and with recognized teaching skill.   We live and work in our designs and are continually deepening our knowledge and understanding to empower what we have to share.  We are engaged in regenerative design daily; professionally, on the farm and at home and have been for many years.  We are 100% committed to radical system redesign by managing financial, social and ecological elements holistically.

DESIGN is the foundation of all our trainings  Our experience shows that students engaging in regular design exercises synthesize course content much more effectively, and produce more competent and actionable designs.  We teach principle-based design, so you will understand how to apply design to any site regardless of the climate or circumstance.  Our no- nonsense approach to design is key to our trainings, and our practical experience in every major climate zone integrating the best of several disciplines of regenerative design means we can impart very broad and practical knowledge and experience.

We offer a clear, pragmatic and scientific approach to design.  Permaculture is a design science; metaphysics is not included in our curriculums, and for good reason.  Students of all backgrounds, cultures and religions are fully welcome and respected.  We are integrationalists and believe in integrating anything effective and workable from any discipline to widen our scope, we have been using Keyline design and Holistic Management in our work for years.   Offering over 90hrs of training over 14 full days means we fit in a lot more than many similar programs.  See our schedule and compare programs.

We can support you after the training with both personal and professional experience in further education we can offer advice, design support and recommend further learning opportunities for those wishing to take design further.  We have acted as mentors in longer term education programs, such as the 2 yr Permaculture Diploma, as well as run a wide variety of workshops and trainings to students from over 45 countries through all climate zones.


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Ridgedale Permaculture are proud to announce a highly subsidized spots on our Autumn trainings at the farm to support those with drive & dedication but lacking fiscal resources.
-1 spot on a top notch PDC for $240
-1 spot on our pioneering 8 Week Farm Scale & Professional Permaculture Internship for $1100
Open to all until Mar 25th, please read carefully if you are interested in the opportunity...
Details here;


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