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Författare Ämne:  Ridgedale Permaculture new PDC date Aug 2015  (läst 808 gånger)


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Ridgedale Permaculture new PDC date Aug 2015
« skrivet: 18 feb-15 kl 10:01 »

Earlybird rates available up until May 22nd 2015

Say you wanted to study Permaculture or Regenerative design and you really wanted to understand how to design your own farm or project; they'd be all these books you should read, maybe some films on the internet, or maybe you download information from the internet, and all that may avail no action. All that could avail is a basic understanding of principles & elements of design, in a way similar to an artist's palette. You could have all the colors and brushes but unless you know how to paint you're going to end up with a big mess. That's where we got to in today's society, a big mess. Permaculture Design is best learnt from experienced design professionals whilst immersed yourself in an active and inspired site.

Ridgedale is dedicated to offering the highest standard of trainings & immersions into designing, installing & maintaining regenerative systems at Scandinavia's dedicated Regenerative Ag. demonstration & edu hub. If you are curious about the solutions that will allow us to restore the planets ecosystems whilst maintaining a stimulating and meaningful life living in resilient and mutually beneficial supportive ways then this is for you. Are you looking to develop a career in professional Permaculture design? Wanting to establish your own project or farm? Our Permaculture Design Courses are highly regarded internationally, with 90 hrs+ of curriculum based learning & internationally accredited via P.R.I. (Aus) & P.C. Assoc (UK). Here is your chance to join a leading PDC with one of Europe's foremost Permaculture & Keyline Design Professionals.

Full course prospectus here http://issuu.com/richardperkins/docs/pdc_booklet_aug/1?e=9931583/11466239

Website details for booking, etc, http://www.ridgedalepermaculture.com/permaculture-design-course-1st---13th-aug-2015.html



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SV: Ridgedale Permaculture new PDC date Aug 2015
« Svar #1 skrivet: 26 feb-15 kl 16:01 »
Ridgedale Permaculture are proud to announce a highly subsidized spots on our Autumn trainings at the farm to support those with drive & dedication but lacking fiscal resources.
-1 spot on a top notch PDC for $240
-1 spot on our pioneering 8 Week Farm Scale & Professional Permaculture Internship for $1100
Open to all until Mar 25th, please read carefully if you are interested in the opportunity...
Details here;


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