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Another schooling on the west side with tree shaddow, perfect for cabbage and early lettuce. For large plant, I still use plastic and clay container.  For smaller plants, I use wooden crates. I cover the bottom of the tray with cardboard or wool (I bought wool in big bags from local farmer, i use it…
Maj 18, 2020
i Kervennic
PLant schooling 2020. I do not have a green house. As I do not want to use plastic, I am now building warm beds with glass windows, which takes time and will be ready next year. In The meantime I use my stove for germination and put them outside as soon as temperature in the sun is clearly over 20.…
Maj 18, 2020
i Kervennic
I am trying to get rid of plastic (and bad paper). I started making wooden crates, but I still have to improve that. In the  meantime I use commercial crates that I get from the market (becomes harder every year, this is why i invest time in designing future boxes myself). I foud that one can use pu…
Maj 18, 2020
i Kervennic
Hardcore no dig: paprika right in the ruccola. On this band, I reached a permanent cycle of rewilded Ruccola (3 years). I leave a few plants in the winter, in spring they make enough biomass to entirely cover this spot but do not harm planting tomato or any  other plants. In the summer the cover jus…
Maj 15, 2020
i Kervennic
Another no dig band toward perenisation. On the side, near the wooden siding made (made with no money, I can explain), are growing strawberries. Besides are growing fennel plants as perenial. They make very big bulbs (never could get big ones as annual with the drought). I was skeptical first when i…
Maj 15, 2020
i Kervennic
I am developping a poor man way of fencing beans (fava and green as well), I guess I am just finding back what were doing people before. The idea is to skip all kind of expensive plastic rope, wires or whatever. I use hazelnut and chestnut poles that lasts several years (chestnut, forever) that can…
Maj 15, 2020
i Kervennic
No dig example of a permanent band (there are flowers on the front and a fruit tree in the middle of the band). On both side are strawberies. In the middle are mache salade (vit) that have been rewilded (every year for four years i let them flower and use them has a biomass cover, they are germinati…
Maj 15, 2020
i Kervennic
La fin du confinement pour Minette. Merde aux voitures et que la nature punisse ceux qui ont fait cela.
Maj 14, 2020
i Kervennic
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