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Titel: Mobile house in Stockholm
Skrivet av: biddlesby skrivet 14 jul-19 kl 18:42

Please excuse my post in English - I cannot speak Swedish! I hope that it is OK.

I have recently got a job in Stockholm, due to start in October. However I am reading about how difficult the housing market is. So I am considering a few options:

 - Staying in my camper van at a campsite, long-term.
 - Hiring or buying a very small land plot and building a small house on wheels. Ideally the land plot would have an electrical connection, but I could also run off gas. My hope is that by building a house on wheels, I will be able to avoid building permit restrictions.

Does anybody have any experience or advice on whether either of my plans would be possible?

Thank you!


Titel: SV: Mobile house in Stockholm
Skrivet av: skogaliten skrivet 14 jul-19 kl 21:49
Unfortunately, the price of a plot of land close to Stockholm is usually high. And, even houses on wheel require building permits, if they stay permanently in the same place (or on the same plot), it does not help to move it on the plot, especially if there is no building on the plot.
As far as I remember, the time limit before a building permit is required, is six weeks. It also applies  to caravans or other types of movable housing.

It is generally simpler to get a permit for any type of house on wheels, when there already exist a building for housing purposes on the plot.

So an advice would be to try to find someone who would rent you a place on their land, to place a house on wheels.

Or to find a long-term agreement with a campsite in the Stockholm area. It is quite common, to do this, for non-swedes that moves to Stockholm, and then start searching for some other type of housing.