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Författare Ämne: Västerbotten Paradise for sale  (läst 359 gånger)

Damien Patte

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Västerbotten Paradise for sale
« skrivet: 18 jun-22 kl 19:27 »
Myrkulla is for sale
Hi everyone! We just took the hard decision to sell Myrkulla .. With its 7000m2 of peace in the middle of Swedish Lapland, but still only 10mn far from the little town of Vilhelmina, Myrkulla offers the perfect opportunity to live more in harmony with the surrounding lakes, forests and mountains . The place is actually used as a sled dog farm but can easily fit to build up an ecoplace or a community.
There is 7 different buildings on the place including 4 dwellings.
➡️The main house is a traditional wooden house from the 30’s built on 2 stages. There’s 5 different rooms, a basement and 3 storage room. It’s an old house, often cold in the winter (only in the morning) but it can easily fit a family..
➡️La cabane is a 36m2 timberlog cabin. It has been built in 2016 and you can find in a main room, a sleeping room for 4 people and a storage.
➡️La roulotte is kind of a tiny house. It is built on an trailer frame and is about 10m2 perfect for a couple.
➡️La Kota and L’écureuil are part of the same building but divided in 2 different dwelling.
La Kota is the common living room and is about 30m2. L’écureuil is a really cut little nest, 12m2 big and perfect for a couple or a small family.
➡️The Sauna is placed in the center of the property and is the only place where you can take a warm shower  .
➡️Finally you can find a barn (also from the 30’) a big storage (firewood, small vehicles, tools) a horse shelter and a chicken house!
We are actually doing the procedure to connect the place to the electrical network⚡️ (we can still stop if you don’t want it). This gives you the possibility to install the running water from the well . Otherwise the main house is already equipped with 2 solar panels which provide electricity for small electronic devices.
Let’s talk about the garden!
We actually have about 300m2 of vegetable garden and 2 greenhouses which can produce 300kg of vegetables .. there is also black and red currant. And you can also enjoy the infinite natural garden all around (blackberries, raspberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, crow berries, mushrooms...)
Selling price is 250000 €
The place is actually owned by Wilderness Latitude AB (dog sledding). You also have the opportunity to buy the land with the company. It is a good opportunity considering the fact that in Sweden you can very easily change the main activity of your company. That means that you can transform this dog sledding company to a bakery cheese fabric or whatever you want without any administrative procedure.
You can find the advertissement on Hemnet : https://www.hemnet.se/bostad/fritidsboende-vilhelmina-vilhelmina-kommun-myrkulla-1-17918542
If you are interested or have any further questions please send me a pm or contact me at wilderness.latitude@gmail.com


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