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Författare Ämne: Härjedalen Vacker OFFGRID Timmerstuga mitt i SVERIGES största Sydliga VILDMARK 325.000 kr  (läst 479 gånger)


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Beautiful timber cottage. 35kvm. In a great condition. Open fire place/eld plats.  Spis i köket/kitchen area. Chimney/skorsten in excellent condition. Toilet area with place for a separatt toilet. Outside toilet/Utedass. Comes with a huge barn. There's also a timber wood store/storage outbuilding that is 25kvm.

Fully insulated in floor, walls and roof. Very cosy, even in the midst of Winter with the fire lit. Full electrics, although they are disconnected presently from the mains. We have been living off grid, using our wagon with solar panels fitted to it. You could fit solar panels to the roof. The location has unhindered sun all day.  There's a water well with year round water. The brook/small river also runs nearby.

It's located in the midst of Sweden's largest Wilderness in the Southern half of the country. Although only 300m from the E45 inlands vägen. It's 40 minutes to Sveg. The capital of Härjedalen. One hour from Mora. 45 minutes from Orsa. The nearest shop is 30 minutes away in Los. Mora would be the nearest serious shopping town. Though Orsa and Sveg have most things. 15 minutes to a fuel/bensin station. 3 minutes drive to decent flushing toilets at the rest area on the E45.

If you're looking for a location that affords some protection and isolation for the coming days ahead, this is one that deserves serious consideration. Great fishing, wild food in the vicinity. Hiking and cross Country skiing

The tomt is 4000kvm and has plenty of space for parking vehicles/wagons/caravans etc. It's freehold with full owner's rights.

Here is a link to 64 photos:

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Yes it would help if the price was included.  It's been a long day. 325,000kr


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